The MIDI Project

The MIDI project (Minority-Identity-Diversity-Integration) is designed for minority groups as part of their integrating process into a community outside their homeland. The project includes hosting, coordinating, and collaborating on cultural activities such as concerts, workshops, seminars, and other relevant events both in Norway, and other Nordic countries. It is an initiative not only for entertaining homesick audiences but also as part of an effort to preserve their native culture, demonstrating and introducing its values to future generations and their new community.


Ink and Other Stories 

"Ink and Other Stories" is a captivating art exhibition showcasing a collection of 12-17 paintings, each meticulously crafted using a harmonious blend of Chinese ink and needle drafting pen on various paper materials. The artwork gracefully intertwines popular themes from classical ink-wash painting, such as nature, serenity, and timeless beauty, with the distinct, rugged allure of the Norwegian landscape. Each painting is paired with a short story, approximately 600 words in length, that delves into the narrative behind the artwork, offering deeper insights and emotional connections. These stories are presented in three languages—Vietnamese, English, and Norwegian—enhancing the exhibition's accessibility and cultural richness. 

Time: 19th-Oct-2024 - 27th-Oct-2024

Location: Fana Kulturhus

Blue Wonderment Exhibition

The theme ‘Blue Wonderment’ came to Jan as she reflected on her experience of Covid times in Norway. 

The year 2021 was a difficult period for the entire world, with many people sad and worried, at times rather cold and blue. But blue is also a color for deep contemplation, curiosity, and even hopeful planning. 

People have had more time at home, time to think about what really matters, and a chance to plan together for a better future. 

Time: 19th-Oct-2024 - 27th-Oct-2024

Location: Fana Kulturhus

Piano Lessons for Ukraine Children

Time: every Thursday 

Location:  Fana Kulturhus - Østre Nesttunvegen 18, 5221, Nesttun 

Ink Wash Painting Course for Children

Date: 29th-Aug-2024 - 12th-Jun-2025

Time: 14:00 - 14:50, 15:00 - 15:50

Location: Åsane kulturhus-Verksted for kunst og håndverk

Max 8 children/group

Please contact for more details! 

Past Events

Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration - Tết Nguyên Đán 2024

Free entrance

Language: Vietnamese, English

Time: 08-Feb-2024 from 16.00-19.30

Fana kulturhus Østre Nesttunvegen 18, 5221 Nesttun

Vietnamese folk music concert - ĐỜN CA TÀI TỬ

DAO-SK Kunstnerisk Forening is privilege to introduce the Vietnamese folk music ĐỜN CA TÀI TỬ to the audiences in Bergen for the very first time as part of the MIDI project. ĐỜN CA TÀI TỬ  has been on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO since 2013. 

Vietnamese Calligraphy and Ink wash painting

Free courses for Vietnamese children and youth every second Thursday at Fana Kulturhus Østre Nesttunvegen 18, 5221 Nesttun

Vietnamese Folk Dance

Free Vietnamese folk dance courses for Vietnamese children and youth every Thursday at Fana Kulturhus Østre Nesttunvegen 18, 5221 Nesttun 

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